Cooking method: roasting chicken

Roasting chicken concentrates its flavor and makes crisp skin. When the chicken roast, the skin gets crisp, and the fat melts and seasons and flavors the bird.

Simply arrange the chicken breast side up on a rimmed baking sheet or in a shallow roasting pan, (deep pan interfere with browning) and roast it until the thigh releases clear juices when pricked with a fork.

A roasting pan with an uncoated surface works best, but a nonstick pan will also work. For perfect roasting, the chicken should be surrounded by the full heat of the oven not shielded by the sides of the pan.

Recipes for roasting chicken can call for oven temperatures ranging from 165 to 235 ° C. The chicken is done with the temperature in the thigh registers 80 ° C.

Using high heat for roasting chicken makes the skin brown and crisp and contributes to a flavorful sauce.

The dripping remaining in the bottom of the pan are perfect for making flavorful gravy. The dripping in the pan used to make gravy should be dark brown. If not, the final gravy will lack the color and flavor that comes with deep caramelization.
Cooking method: roasting chicken

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