Braising method of cooking

Braising is a combination of stewing and pot roasting that takes place in an oven proof dish in liquid and combined conduction and convection. Moist heat is responsible for most of the cooking process and the browning may be thought of as preliminary technique.

The method is very simple. Food is simmered in minimal liquid in a closed pot until the essence in every ingredient flavors very other ingredient.

The purpose of braising is to make food safe, to add verity to the menu and to enhance flavor, texture and eating quality.

Braised meats are usually browned first using a dry heat method such as pan-frying. This gives desirable appearance and favor to the product and sauce.

Braising also refers to cooking some vegetables, such as lettuce or cabbage at low temperature in a small amount of liquid without first browning in fat, or with only a light preliminary sautéing.

Braising is a building process. The cook adds layer upon layer of flavor, nuance and character to a dish at each stage of the game.

Long braising is the more traditional approach: the indisputable best technique for cooking breast of veal or lamb shank is long braising for anywhere from 1.5 to 4 hours until falling tender.

Short braising takes less than an hour and is reserved for more tender foods like cut-up chicken, seafood and vegetables. The role of short braising is not to tenderize tough cuts of meat but to bring out a depth of flavor not attainable through any other technique.
Braising method of cooking

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