Multi-needle injection marination

Marinade adds depth of flavour, plus tenderizes. It is good for high-heat cooking—like on the grill—to ensure the finished product retains plenty of moisture.

Marinating injectors is used to add flavour in to beef, pork, chicken and fish. Injecting meat to increase flavour and tenderness for BBQ and smoking Marinating injectors will help to cut marinating time into a few hours. Meat marinade injectors offer a quick and easy way to enrich grilled or smoked meat with marinade.

A professional-grade injector should have multiple needles. They range from small tips for precision injecting or working with smaller cuts of meat, to large-bore and even perforated needles for injecting everything from chunky to purely liquid marinades.

The multiple-hole needles disperse marinade into more areas of the steak for even marinating and taste. Marinating a steak by injecting it allows the marinade to absorb into the steak versus the marinade settling on the surface of the steak.
Multi-needle injection marination

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