What is stewing?

Stewing is the slow cooking the least tender cuts of meat in the minimum of liquid such as water, stock or sauce in a suitable pot with a tight-fitting lid in top of the stove.

The meat will become tender and juicy with the slow moist heat method.

The purpose of stewing is to produce an acceptable flavor, texture and eating quality in cheaper and tougher cuts of meat. Stewing is both economical and nutritional.

The best cuts for stewing are the chuck, which comes from the shoulder and rump or round.

Chuck consists of several kinds of cuts, including eye roast, chuck short ribs, blade stick, arm pot roasts and stew beef, which is cubed chuck.

Stewing has two variations: white-stewing, which doesn’t use soy sauce and red-stewing which does.

White-stewing, sometimes called pure-stewing or clear stewing-simmering is used to cook fish, chicken and other delicate meats. It’s usually accompanied by vegetable and produces a clear soup, which retain the natural flavor of the ingredients.

Red stewing gets its name from the rich, red-brown gravy produced by the soy sauce.
What is stewing?

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