What is broiling?

Broiling is the only preparation utilizing direct heat to cook meat. It is the most perfect way of cooking meat and fish. Broiling may be done in a charcoal unit or hibachi in which the heat comes from beneath, or it may take place in an oven or special boiler compartment.

Properly broiled meats have a well-browned, flavorful crust on the outside, and the inside is cooked to be desired doneness and still juicy.

The most delicious results are obtained by broiling steaks, chops, young chickens, squabs etc. directly over the glowing coals.

Charcoal is best for broiling, but hard wood or hard or soft coal may be used, provided it is free from smoke.

Broiling requires tender cuts of meat at least 2.5 cm thickness, with the thickness being uniform throughout the cut to be broiled.

If cuts thinner than this will become unpleasantly dry during broiling. For further best results, only high-quality, tender cuts with a good fat content should be broiled.

Since broiling is done by means of a rather intense, continuous heat, it is important that the entire surface of the meat be at a uniform distance from the heat source.

Broiling is carried out at a temperature of 176 °C until topside is brown. At this stage the meat is proximately half done.

Controlling the flame is very important. If the flame is too high, the outside will scorch before the inside is done and the dripping fat might start a fire.

Broiling time depends not only on the thickness of the meat but also on the intensity of heat put out by the broiler.

If the fat does catch on fire, the resulting soot will make the meat less than desirable to eat.

To add flavor interest to meats to be broiled, the meat can be marinated for at least an hour before broiling. Acid fruit juices in a marinade can also help to promote tenderness.
What is broiling?

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