Panning the vegetables

In ‘waterless’ cooking, only the water clinging to the vegetables after washing or a minimum amount necessary to prevent scorching is used. A heavy pan with a tight-fitting lid usually is recommended for this method.

Panning and stir-frying are methods in which the finely cut vegetable is cooked with a small amount of fat in a covered pan and uncovered pan, respectively. Panning is a cooking method of vegetables in their own juices in a tightly covered pan. A small amount of fat is used to moisten the pan before juices escape.

When vegetables were cooked in an open pan with enough water to cover the vegetables at all times, the color of green vegetables was greener and the flavor of vegetables of the cabbage family milder than when they were cooked in steam as in a pressure saucepan, steamer or tightly covered pan.
Panning the vegetables
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