Rotisserie grilling

Rotisserie grilling is a form of indirect grilling, rotisserie cooking positions food on a spit above or in front of the heat, where the food slowly rotates with constant speed so that it never burns.

This method produces incomparably moist and evenly browned whole breads, roasts, leg of lamb ribs, or any other large pieces of meat. As fat melts from the meat, the rotisserie keeps the melted fat constantly rolling the meat’s surface and keeping it moist.

Most grills can accommodate a rotisserie assembly but each one works a little differently. Rotisseries are handy, because it doesn’t have to be tended them constantly; just baste the food occasionally with a marinade or sauce.

Rotisserie grilling a whole animal is usually referred to as spit-roasting, but the process is the same. For large whole animals like kid goat or spring lamb, suspend the meat 1 to 2 feet away from heat. Rotisseries are available for most gas and charcoal grills.
Rotisserie grilling

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