Low heat roasting is slow roasting and therefore requires a certain time commitment - anywhere from a couple hours for sweet onions to all day for a pork shoulder. It is a great way to make use of flavorful but economical cuts of meat.

Slow-roasting is very much like traditional barbecue, albeit without smoke. With slow roasting, there is less moisture loss, and foods cook more evenly.

Slow-roasting seems to be blessed technique for getting certain cuts of meat to be tenderness. Robs and brisket are the most common foods that cooked via slow roasting – hours and hours at temperatures of only 250 °F or so.

 Slow-roasting is particularly useful for lean beef cooked for cold rare roast beef sandwiches or salads, where little or no fat is wanted. There’s less shrinkage with slow roasting, it give juicer result.

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