Microwave oven technology

The microwave oven is an electronically controlled home appliance used for cooking. It uses the principle of dielectric heating at microwave frequencies. The frequency of microwaves is 2459 MHz.

Microwave heating has several industrial applications such as product drying and large-scale heating and processing, but the main application is in household and commercial cooking.

A microwave oven works because the microwaves pass through the food container and into the food. They can pass easily though most kinds of plastic, paper, glass and any pottery or china without metal trim, paint or glaze.

The microwaves are generated in the cooking cavity. These microwaves are reflected from the walls of the cavity and strike the food. Because of these high frequency waves the heat is induced inside the food. The temperature increases much faster than the conventional cooking.

The heat is conducted inside the food and it is cooked in short time. Although microwaves will generally not damage cooking utensils, it is important to remember that the heat of the food may sometimes do so. For example: syrup heated in a glass utensils would reach such a high temperature that the glass would break.
Microwave oven technology

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