Covered grilling

Most outdoor grills fall into one of two categories: open and covered. With covered grills, the grill lid traps the smoke, which infuses the food with outdoorsy flavor, while at the same time smothering flare-up.

Covered cooking is almost foolproof, one of the reasons that many grill manufacturers and other authorities recommend the method. It creates an oven effect and does much of the cooking with heat reflecting off the lid. In effect, grilling and baking are done at the same time.

The resulting flavor reflects the method, providing a modicum of grilled texture along with a generic baked taste.

Most covered charcoal grills have vents, or dampers, on both the top of the lid and the bottom of the grill, making it easy to control the heat.

If the fire is burning too slowly, open the bottom vent to add a little oxygen to feed the fire. If the food is cooking too quickly, open a top vent to allow some heat to escape.
Covered grilling

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