Cooking by grilling

Grilling isn’t new cooking method; it’s been around for centuries. Grilling is cooking food over heat supplied by charcoal briquettes, lump charcoal, mesquite or logs, on a grid, flattop or skewer in a hibachi, brazier, gas or electric grill or any other grill.

Grilling is the ideal cooking technique for a wide array of items such as meats, poultry, fish, steaks, vegetables and even pizza.

The heat can be ‘direct’ - that is right under the food – or ‘indirect’ which means to one or more sides but nor squarely beneath the food to be cooked.

For most grilling, the ignited coals are spread in a single layer under the food. This is called direct grilling and represents the way most people grill.

The single layer of coals emits even, steady great whether the grill is open or covered. For more control, pile some of the coals at one side of the grill where they will emit intense heat.

Indirect grilling is the method of placing food on the grill rack away from or to the side of the heat source with the grill lid closed. This type of grilling cooks the food similar to roasting in an oven.

Try to avoid creating smoke. Smoke forms when fat drips onto the coals and can produce hazardous substances.
Cooking by grilling

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