General rules for deep frying chicken

Because chicken and turkey are lean, tender meats cooking in fat is an appropriate and popular way to prepare them. Deep fried chicken is cooked in oil, either more traditionally in a haevy cast-iron skillet or Dutch oven or in a deep far fryer.

Deep frying chicken can be tricky, and there are several rules to follow. Temperature of the oil has to be checked using thermometry. And the chicken has to be coated in a certain number of layers to develop a crisp crust.
To deep fry chicken, a a very heavy pan needed and at least 3 inches deep. The best oils to choose have a high smoke point, and include canola, corn, peanut and safflower.

The procedure for deep frying is like that for pan-frying, except chicken doesn’t have to be turned it is submerged in the hot fat. Pieces from small chicken (under 1 kg) are best for deep frying. Larger pieces require such a long cooking time that the surface may brown too much.

The trick in deep frying is to form a tasty golden crust to seal out fat. Deep frying foods are best when served quickly. The crust may become soggy of serving is delayed.
General rules for deep frying chicken

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