What is butter poaching?*

Butter poaching is an extravagant way to finish the cooking process on any meat. It is culinary term for gently cooking seafood in a mixture of 2/3 whole butter to 1/3 water until it is fully cooked.

Butter poaching the lobster meat is a great method to cook the lobster which will keep it delicate and tender for the final garnishment.
Butter poaching is also delicious way to cook many different vegetables such as peas, asparagus or sugar snaps.

This cooking method is easy to execute and one that makes it difficult to overcook foods. It leaves the fish succulent and moist and is very forgiving of overcooking.

Gently melt unsalted butter with a very little water or cream to form an emulsion. Slowly cooking seafood/vegetables in this emulsion keeps it moist and infuses it with the rich flavor of the butter.
What is butter poaching?

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