Spit roasting

The objective of roasting is to cook the juices of the meat onto the surface of the meat as they are squeezed to the surface. Spit roasting is a very good way to do this.

The meat poultry or fish to be spit roasting is not seared at a high temperature; instead, it is constantly revolved over lower heats that roast evenly and allows the food to self-baste.

Meat is skewered onto the spit rod and held in place on either side with two adjustable spit forks. The rod is suspended over the heat and the food then rotates slowly, powered by either a battery or electrically driven motor.

Ideally the meat is suspended on a spit in free air over a fire so the fore burns the juices off as they ooze out.

This is one of the best ways to barbeque ribs. Because a rack of ribs is thin it will be moist and tender of cooked slowly over low heat.

When a sparerib rack is grilled over direct heat, it can scorch if constant attention is not given. Often trimming of fat and parboiling are essential to avoid flare-ups and blackened ribs.

A lamb carcass is the most popular, Smaller prime cuts of meat (such as deboned rib rolls, beef fillet or leg sections) can also be successful. The skewered meat must be evenly balanced.
Spit roasting

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