What is a poached egg?

A poached egg is a containerless, soft-cooked egg that generates its own skin of coagulated protein in the first moments of cooking.

Poached eggs should be poached, not simmered or boiled. Start with fresh grade AA eggs cracked just moments before cooking; these have most compact shape.

Eggs more than a week old are likely to heave sprawling whites and uncentered yolks.

Slid raw onto a pan of already simmering water – or cream, milk, wine, stock, soup, sauce or butter – it cooks for three to five minutes, until the white has set, but before the yolk does.

Remove the egg with skimmer, drain and serve on toast.

Water should cover egg. Vary quantity of water according to number of eggs used and size and shape of pan. In some recipes these more flavorful poaching liquids are then thickened and used as a sauce for the eggs.

The equipment normally used to poach egg is a shallow or deep sided poaching pan.
What is a poached egg?

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