Process of brining

Brining is immersing meat in brine (salt and water) to improve the juiciness and flavor. Brined meats taste better and all cooks know it.

Brining or salting the main use of salt in pickle and sauce manufacture and it is important that the salt should be of good quality, uninfected with halophilic bacteria, low in calcium, magnesium and iron content of good white color and free from foreign matter.

Peppers packed in this manner have superior textural qualities compared with canned peppers. Brining processes for pepper are similar to those for other brine vegetables such as cucumbers, okra, carrots and cauliflower.

For sweet cherries, the process of brining involves the use of sulfur dioxide which causes a bleaching of the cherry to a yellowish white color and stabilization and inactivation of all enzymes systems.
Process of brining

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