Method of cooking: Boiling

Boiling is cooking in boiling water. Boling is the basic cooking methods. Most of the cases, additional steps are required after the basic cooking is completed in order to make the product ready for serving.

Boling is a moist method of cooking where prepared food is cooked in a liquid which contains water.

The boiling action may be quick and rapid; or slow, with a gentle surface movement known as simmering. Water boils at 212°F and simmers at 185°F.

Water is boiled for two purposes: First, cooking of itself to destroy organic impurities; second, for cooking foods. Boiling will make foods tender, more palatable and digestible.

Boling water toughens and hardens albumen in eggs; toughens fibrin and dissolves tissues in meat; bursts starch-grains and softens cellular in cereals and vegetables. Although fish and shellfish are more desirable to poach, there are some classic dishes which are boiled, for example lobsters are usually cooked by boiling.

In certain cases the product is only partially cooked by boiling or steaming and is finished by another cooking method, such as sautéing or baking.
Method of cooking: Boiling
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